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If you want to be an IT sale representative, you have to agree with the listed terms and conditions. Terms and conditions run as:
1. The company has not to charge you a penny and you haven’t paid anything.
2. First of all, you will get product knowledge. You have to go through our website and understand the services we are providing which are social media marketing, SEO, and so on. If you have gained the information, go ahead and sign up.
3. It is necessary by all means that you have to bring a website development project or any other service project for Eight Thousand UAE Dirhams (i.e. AED 8000) which is the minimum amount. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted.
4. 25 percent of the amount will be allotted to you for the project you bring. It will be given to you as soon as the company gets a hundred percent payment and the deal succeeds. If the company gets 50 percent, you will be provided with half of 25 percent.
5. You can be terminated from the position anytime and the company will not be bound to respond or answer you. The position you would have is not on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, it is purely commission based which is aforementioned.
6. The company is not bound to give you any insurance; neither health insurance nor life insurance. Repeatedly, the position is entirely commission-based.
7. If you have read these terms and conditions and agree with them, you can’t have any claim against the company. As soon your project is finalized, the company will keep you in the loop and by coordinating with you will make sure that the delivery has been done.
8. You are promising that you will be cautious about the company’s SOPs and that the legal information of the company will not be shared or disclosed. Legal action will be taken if the terms are not followed as per law.